“Storage almost full”: how to avoid the iPhone message with 6 tricks

We are not worried about the storage of our smartphones until we realize that we no longer have memory space.

For some reason, even if we delete files and applications, memory fills up quickly, this happens because we don't do what is right to avoid it. Here we will tell you how to always have good storage space on your iPhone.

To prevent this from happening, we give you six ways in which you can free up space on your iPhone and it won't happen again.

1. Delete your deleted photos

The most logical thing is to delete photos to make room for new ones, but it may not be enough. If you have an iPhone, go to the recently deleted photo album and empty the trash.

2. Delete the chats you don't need

Believe it or not, WhatsApp uses enough space in your phone's memory and deleting messages will help you free up space.

To do this, open the application and go to Settings> Storage and data> Storage. There it will show you the chats that use more memory and you can choose between deleting only the messages or also documents and images. Eye, if you delete them, your stickers, gifs and so on will go away.

3. Check if you have many movies and playlists downloaded

If you use Spotify, go to My Library and choose an album or playlist that is downloaded and simply disable the download option.

The same thing happens with Netflix or any streaming application. Saving many movies and series to see when you travel is not the best for your smartphone's memory.

4. Clear the cache of your internet browser

Just as you do with your computer, your phone needs to erase data it stores from your internet searches. To do this, go to Settings> Safari and go to the bottom where it says Clear history.

5. Use storage apps

One of the best apps to prevent your phone from filling up is Google Photos It's totally free and you just have to link it to your Gmail account to start using it. The best thing is that it makes automatic backups of your photos and puts them in the Google cloud. When he finishes doing it, he asks you if you want to delete the photos that have already been backed up from your phone.

You can also upload your photos to Drive (also from Google) or make private albums on Facebook that only you have access to and can see your photos as many times as you want.

6. Hire storage on iCloud

This option is not available for Android users, but if you have an iPhone just synchronize your account iCloud and pay for more storage so that your phone makes constant updates of the content on your phone and is always safe in the cloud.