Spyzie: one app to track the movements of Android devices

Sure at one time or another you have wanted to be able to to track all the movements of a Android phone remotely. Since we talked to you about how to hack WhatsApp to spy on conversations.

in Google Play as in other shops of third parties there are many applications that allow you to do so, though not all work equally well. One of the best is Spyzie, an application that allows you to to follow the movements of any Android device without the need of rooting the phone.

What is Spyzie?

Spyzie is a tracking application for Android devices. Are many parents that use it to monitor the movements of their children and even entrepreneurs who want to know the movements of their employees in the working hours. If you’ve ever wanted to follow the movements of someone with an Android device, this is a good option; you can see the data from your Android phone or tablet, as well as from your computer. The only requirement is to be connected to the Internet.

How does Spyzie?

to start using the app, the first thing is open an account in the app if you are going to do the follow-up from a phone Android tablet; or create the account on the web site Spyzie. Then, you need to install the add-Spyzie on the Android device target.

In this way, you already have everything ready to start with the follow-up. Once you login in your account Spyzie you can see where it is in that moment, the device, as well as a history of routes very detailed. You can also to access the call logs of your phone, obtain the list of contacts, to monitor the activity of the web browser, view all of their photos…

it is Not necessary to root the device. Spyzie is a free application. The app is “illegal”, so from AndroidPhoria we do not support downloading nor, of course, its use. We do not consider that it is okay to spy on anyone.

Spyzie (Free, Google Play) ?