Speed up your Android phone in 5 minutes with these tricks

¿you Want to accelerate your Android mobile in a few minutes? With these tricks that we will tell you to that your mobile to go faster, you’ll notice the difference within a few minutes. Are tricks very facilitos that any user without their knowledge is going to be able to address, in addition, you do not need to follow them all to notice a big difference. We tell you how to speed up your Android phone in 5 minutes:

manages to Get your mobile phone go faster in minutes

acelerar movil android

These are all the steps you have to follow to ensure that your Android fly:

  • Clean cache: via Settings – > Storage – > Data stored in the cache you can delete all the stored data. These are the data that leave traces certain applications, and that if we liberated (which can be a large amount of MB or even GB) and you’ll notice that our mobile is more lightweight. Very careful with this option because it could borrarnos things that we don’t want to, if you prefer we can do the process but application by application. You can always make a backup before.
  • remove apps you don’t use and serial: through Settings > application Manager > Show applications of the system, you’ll be able to see both the you’ve installed you as the that come standard. A lot of series (that leave to remove/disable) do not use, and could come in handy for that extra space to your terminal you fly. The same thing with the apps that you have installed, if you don’t use, it is best that you eliminate them so that they do not consume.
  • Restart the phone: although it may seem absurd, it is important to restart the mobile at least once a day, if only to free up the RAM and all the processes that are working in the background. So we’ll give them a break and we’ll start from scratch.
  • Accelerates Chrome: it is worth nothing that our terminal is clean if the browser has accumulated garbage. If you go into Chrome and write Chrome://flags into the navigation bar, you will find two specific in the default mode, width tile and height, you’ll have to pass them to 512. Restarted and the changes will be made effective.
  • Avoid widgets and applications in your task bar: even though you may not believe it, the more animation you goals to your mobile phone by a very nice boy, always going to get worse especially over time. It is important to avoid anything that will load more the mobile, com can be some of the widgets heavy dynamic and those applications that are reporting each bit in the bar of the mobile.
  • turn Off animations: the animations always saturate a little the terminal, so turn them off would be to output the best choice. This can be done thanks to one of the options within the developer mode (which you can activate via Settings – > build Number by tapping it several times). In the drawing > Scale window animation / transition animation duration of animation we will see that almost all listed at 1x, if it’s off, things go better.

In 5 minutes you will have accelerated your mobile

If you have more time than 5 minutes to accelerate your mobile phone, you can always opt for a hard reset at least once a year. Help you to things that are in your site and go to a much more fluid, you will notice the difference. Over time we’ll add more tricks as we go happening, to see if between all we got a long list. What is your advice to speed up the phone? Do you has been useful in the tutorial? do Not hesitate to write.