Solves the problem of Wifi and Bluetooth in the Xiaomi Mi5

first of all because I argued that the Xiaomi Mi5 is not a mobile for all audiences, yet there are many people that will be happy with his Mi5 and the truth is that is not a bad mobile.

Solves the problem of Wifi and Bluetooth in the Xiaomi Mi5
Solves the problem of Wifi and Bluetooth in the Xiaomi Mi5

Some users have appreciated problems in the connections Bluetooth and Wi-fi of the Xiaomi Mi5 though and normally these are solved by changing the ROM sometimes the problem occurs with the ROM series and it is then when you have to search for a solution. Here you can know if you have a ROM that is false.

How to fix the problem of WiFi and Bluetooth on the Xiaomi Mi5?

The first thing you should do is restart the router and re-connect, sometimes that is the only connection problem that exists, a problem that does not depend on the mobile itself but the router.

In the case of solving the problems of the Bluetooth will be vital turn off all attached devices and start connecting devices one-to-one. Once this is done restart the terminal and might be back to go all perfect. You need to pair a mobile phone with Android 4.3 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0.

does Not work the first solution and My Band is not connected

In the case that the first does not work follow this process.

  • Download Bluetooth 4.0 Scanner from Google Play.
  • Connects the Bluetooth of the phone.
  • be Sure that your My Band has a sufficient charge.
  • Click on Start Scan (active GPS).
  • Now go to Database Tab and click on Download Data and click the option to Share / Store data on your terminal.
  • To open the data you will find the MAC address in Hexadecimal format: “88: 0F: 12: 0F: 1D: DC: BA”.
  • note the Mac address.

Now, once you have done this you will have to proceed with an application extra.

  • Download My Band Notify from Google Play.
  • The application will attempt to connect with its My Band and you will get an error code (if it connects to the first is that it already works).
  • You’ll be able to use the option Connect to a Bluetooth device with a specific MAC Address and that MAC previous that we have noted is that you will use to connect manually.
  • this makes sure that you are already connected but is not the official application.
  • If you are filled all the data there is an option that allows you to retrieve the data in the option of My Fit, and that will allow it to work, select Fetch from the My Fit once you have filled in everything, and My Fit will work again.
  • The Mi Band will flash once paired and you’ll have to press a couple of times in the LED to complete the pairing.

Not unpair them the My Band unless it is needed because you might have to repeat the process. This usually works but of course, it is not something usual, typically the My Band and the WiFi work properly on the Mi5.