Solution: Error RH01 Google Play

Many users have found the error RH01 Google Play, in this article, we bring to you the solution to forget the problem forever. Users claim, that they cannot open the Google Play because it appears the message “error while retrieving information from server [RH-01]”, that is to say, error retrieving information from server. If you happen to, then we see how to put an end to this error annoying you is going to prevent you from installing apps.

Solution to the error RH-01 in Google Play

it Is possible that you have met with the following error, if so, you must act accordingly with the steps that we give you in this article. Already I advance that it will not take you more than 2 minutes.

error rh01 google playIf you have this error, you should try the following to fix:

  • Clears the cache of Play Store and Play Services.

more Specifically, you’ll need to perform the following steps, do not be scared that you will see that there are not as many once you get to it:

  • Enters the Play Store, and push the start button.
  • Between in the Settings > Applications > Play Store.
  • Within the Play Store, you’ll need to “clear cache” and “force stop”.
  • Between the Services of Google Play and tap “clear data” and “force stop”.
  • Restart your device and wait until the terminal is turned on.
  • Go back to Google Play to verify that the error has been fixed.

If all has gone well, it will be fixed.

Do it, only take 2 minutes

This trick works, because we will have cleared both the Google Play services, the famous framework of services that always gives us problems, since they work in parallel. As you can see, the procedure is very easy to follow. Only takes about two minutes. And as you say, it’s typically due to problems with the cache. Leaving all this good clean we should have solved this error RH-01 in Google Play.

This method could solve virtually any error with the Google Play, you can ask us in the comments even if you have another different error, we’ll help you.

we Hope that you have served. you Can leave a comment if you have not been able to resolve the error RH-01 in Google Play and you need that you lend a hand.

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