Solution: Error LG, your device is not registered yet

Solution Error LG, your device is not registered yet¿you Have a LG mobile? if so, you have come across the following Error LG: your device is not registered yet. It is clear that technology always does that to circulate some problems and drawbacks, but assured that as you read this post you will have left to have this problem, that’s guaranteed.

Error LG, your device is not registered yet

what error you speak of? If you have an LG and you have arrived until here, it is because it is possible that you have seen this error in the window of the software update. If you go to see if you get a new update it is possible to leave you “your device has not been registered“.

it Is clear that in the story we find that message we were a little bit of stone because it is strange, and we wonder… where is there to register the LG?

The registration of the mobile you’ll be able to do it registering the user and password in the web of LG to see the updates that come on the part of the manufacturer. It is necessary that you do it this way even though you find it to be strange.

In other devices, however this did not pass. Sometimes you gave to check for updates and you said that you already had the latest and but you downloading it. But let’s say that you are not required in any way enter in the website of LG to register the mobile.

do You still get this error?

The second method that you can try to fix it, is to accept the terms and conditions of LG that as you have not done so and you have not given account. This you can do so easily from Settings -> General -> About phone -> Legal Information.

how the problem Remains unsolved and still can’t update?

What is left for you to do is to call the technical service. They will tell you that what you think is rare, you will be asked your details and the IMEI and report your problem. Then they will tell you that wait a few days.

The key after doing the above, is in wait, because he has worked for many users that have done it and definitely got fix the bug that the device LG is not registered.

lg v20 not registered for update

How to force mobile updates from LG

Does your LG mobile not update even though the latest version is coming to other mobiles? We teach you a safe method to update by flashing.

LG has “parallel” flashing methods with which to update (or install the firmware of another model) the latest mobiles. It is not the safest method because there is always a risk that the smartphone will end up like a brick, but nothing should happen if you take all the precautions.

The firmware to install must be suitable for your mobile model LG V30

Caution must be exercised because manual flashing is always dangerous. The first recommendation is that you make sure that the firmware available is the exact model of LG that you have. In the case of LG V30, for example, there is the International Model (H930) and various variants that differentiate between themselves by specific aspects of hardware or software. Flashing a firmware from another model can block your LG mobile forever.

How do you know what the specific model is? You just have to follow the following process:

  • Access the settings of your LG.
  • Go to “about the phone.” You may need to enter the “system” options first.
  • Go to “Hardware information”.
  • Look at the model number and write.

Once you have the model you must look for the firmware suitable for it. That is an update to the version you already have, of course, that is the objective of that article. If we follow the example of the LG V30, this mobile was on Android 7 Nougat; So I had to find the stock version (important) of Oreo for the LG H930.

One of the best places to download the latest firmwares is XDA developers. Just look for the mobile model, go to your forum and enter within the category “ROMs, Kernel, recoveries, & Other Development.” Locate the stock version that is suitable for your smartphone. It will be a large file with an extension. ” KDZ “. Download and get ready for the rest of the steps.

Once you have the firmware comes the time to flash. The process is only suitable for Windows computers: either use one with this operating system or you will need to boot it into a virtual machine. Have you come this far? We.

  1. Download the LG drivers.
  2. Download LG UP and install.
  3. Finally, download the application UPPERCUT and unzip.
  4. Connect your LG mobile and wait for it to be configured with the new drivers.
  5. Opens the UPPERCUT application.
  6. Make sure that the LG UP screen displays the “Upgrade” checkbox.
  7. Load the update firmware at the bottom by clicking on the three points.
  8. Click Start and wait for the update process to finish.

It will always be less safe than updating by OTA or by LG Bridge. You must ensure that the firmware is for your model and that is stock: this way you can continue to use the services of LG and other advanced, such as mobile payments. For this upgrade method you do not need to unlock the bootloader.