Solution: Error LG, your device is not registered yet

¿you Have a LG mobile? if so, you have come across the following Error LG: your device is not registered yet. It is clear that technology always does that to circulate some problems and drawbacks, but assured that as you read this post you will have left to have this problem, that’s guaranteed.

Error LG, your device is not registered yet

what error you speak of? If you have an LG and you have arrived until here, it is because it is possible that you have seen this error in the window of the software update. If you go to see if you get a new update it is possible to leave you “your device has not been registered“.

Error LG, su dispositivo no está registrado todavía

it Is clear that in the story we find that message we were a little bit of stone because it is strange, and we wonder… where is there to register the LG?

The registration of the mobile you’ll be able to do it registering the user and password in the web of LG to see the updates that come on the part of the manufacturer. It is necessary that you do it this way even though you find it to be strange.

In other devices, however this did not pass. Sometimes you gave to check for updates and you said that you already had the latest and but you downloading it. But let’s say that you are not required in any way enter in the website of LG to register the mobile.

do You still get this error?

The second method that you can try to fix it, is to accept the terms and conditions of LG that as you have not done so and you have not given account. This you can do so easily from Settings -> General -> About phone -> Legal Information.

how the problem Remains unsolved and still can’t update?

What is left for you to do is to call the technical service. They will tell you that what you think is rare, you will be asked your details and the IMEI and report your problem. Then they will tell you that wait a few days.

The key after doing the above, is in wait, because he has worked for many users that have done it and definitely got fix the bug that the device LG is not registered.

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