Solution: Clash Royale does not pass from the 50 %

Do you wonder why at the start of Clash Royale is not 50%? This happens in the initial load screen, where we have the load bar which sometimes just half is stop without we can do anything to avoid it. The first thing we think is whether our phone will be OK or is just a simple fall of the game, remember that many players try to enter, because this can occur overload of the game.

Clash Royale stays at 50%, what do I do?

  1. Close the game and go back in.
  2. Check that you have an Internet connection.
  3. Pending update of Clash Royale (you might need to update the game to continue playing, when there is a new update is needed). Enter Play Store, search for Clash Royale and give it to update. Then open the game normally.
  4. Delete the game data. Go into Settings > Applications > Clash Royale > delete data. Then try also to give it to force arrest.
  5. Restart the mobile (sometimes a restart fixes everything).
  6. Settings > Applications > Clash Royale > delete data. After this, force arrest. After this, if it still does not work, try to change Wi-Fi by data.

Clash Royale does not pass from the 50 %Clash Royale does not work with Wi-Fi

Many times you are connected by Wi-Fi and Clash Royale does not work. It can be by an incident with your network, because it is not the same to have Internet to look at a thing in Google that need it all the time, because at the time it is cut for a second falls the connection in the game and farewell departure. For this there is no solution, or you use mobile data or wait for the Wi-Fi to go better.

When Clash Royale does not load more than 50% attempt to close the same and re-enter to re-load and check that the Internet connection is adequate.

How to fix connection issues in Clash Royale

If you can’t play with your home Wi-Fi, you might be having problems with your router. Make sure you are playing near the router so that you get the connection well. Also check that everything is correct and that there are no incidents in your area and also, check that there is no one stealing bandwidth. You can connect with your service provider and ask in case of doubt or reset the router to leave it again. Doing this should make your connection to Clash Royale work well again.

When you start this game you should expect that the same load up to 100 % for the graphics, options, tools, and clan are shaped and maintained correctly to start the game without any problem. So if you have that error loading in the Clash Royale