So you can reply to your WhatsApp or Telegram from your Amazfit Stratos/Pace

The smartwatch Xiaomi are the best for these reasons… but There is one thing that was missing. We talk about reply notifications how to WhatsApp or Telegram from the watch itself, and, fortunately, is now possible thanks to the application that you come to teach today.

read on to know all the details of how to do this in your Amazfit Stratos or Pace, are you ready?

Reply notifications in the same Amazfit Stratos or Pace as it is possible

This is the only one that is worth the time. By default you can only view them, and to average, as some times or received. Then you have it all explained in detail:

  • The first thing you should do is to install Better Amazfit Notifications on your phone from the link that you have below and provide all the necessary permissions.
  • Now we have to install the same application on the clock but first we will install Huami Amazfit Tools from the PC.
  • once you download on your PC the app for the watch from here (only the file “watch.apk”, the other is not necessary).
  • Start Huami Tools, and then tap “APK Installer”, search for and select the file “watch.apk” and check the option of “Force Installation”.
  • once you finish you already have it all ready to go, look at the final menu to the right of your clock and you will have this application. Keep in mind that you have to remove the notifications of the original application Amazfit for everything to work well.

it Seems messy but nothing more far from reality, if you follow the steps you will have it done in less than 5 minutes. Now tap program and configure rapid responses and others from the mobile app. You should remember that, if you have a Bip, so you can see complete notifications.

When you get any notification you can view by swiping to the right in the menu of the watch, as simple as that. Once inside of it you’ll be able to answer with the programmed responses, emojis, or with a small keyboard. And no, do not notify double as the original.

¿did you like this tutorial for reply notifications from your Xiaomi Amazfit Pace or Stratos? Leave your opinion in the comments section 🙂