So you can check if the cable to charge your cell phone is still working

Many have gone through that doubt: Is my phone's charging cable still working?

It is possible that more and more late, or that simply, your smartphone no longer charges enough battery and we begin to doubt its correct operation. Of course, the quick answer would be to use another cable to check it, but in case we do not have it we can use another method.

Is about an app called Ampere, has a free version in which we can verify the correct operation of it. In return, we'll see some advertisements, but nothing shocking.

It's available for Android, and you can see it in a link secure download here.

The load of the cables is measured in Amperes, usually represented in the following way: (for example) 1,000mA, which means one thousand milliamps, and we can find them in the base or on one side of the charger's charger.

Similarly, each phone recommends a limit loading speed. Sometimes, Using an improper cable can damage the performance of the battery, Although it is becoming less common to occur, we must pay attention to it.

Once downloaded the application, we put it to run and we must attend to the following. If the operation screen shows us numbers in orange, and a sign of negative (-) at the beginning of them, it means that we are losing or consuming energy.

The loss of energy will be greater due to factors such as the brightness of the screen and how many apps work in the first or second plane, so that we have it in consideration.

In fact, this value should decrease dramatically if we put the phone in the minimum brightness on the screen and configure it in airplane or flight mode.

Later we must connect the phone to the charge. We have three options: wall socket, PC or spare battery.

You have to know, the amperage specified by the charger is a reference and does not work exactly with that speed. It will always be faster to charge a phone in a direct socket to the electric current than to a PC (it will take about twice as long), and even slower in a backup battery.

However, we can know (after 10 seconds of connecting more less), an average load. The letters and numbers on the screen will be green if the charger works. Likewise, by subtracting the previous amperage, we can know how much charge we are getting connected to the power source that we choose.

As simple as the following: If the app continues to mark energy loss we will have confirmed that our charging cable no longer works.

At least it's cheaper than changing the battery or the phone.