Samsung Galaxy S10 could come up with a new “night mode”

we are increasingly near to the release of the flagships from Samsung, the Galaxy S10. And with the closeness of the event grows, the expectation, the buzz and it is increasingly difficult to keep secret all the details.

therefore, it has been revealed the latest news from Samsung regarding Galaxy S10, apparently the company would be working in a function “night mode” similar to Google Night.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have its own “night mode”

like OnePlus has its own “Nightscape”, Xiaomi its” Night Scene”, Honor “Super Bright Mode”, and Huawei’s “Night Mode”. Samsung plans to make its night mode that will be referred to as Bright Night or Bright Night.

All of these “night mode” have a goal or function in common, the approach. Which are able to achieve by taking multiple photographs and combining them into a single image that is much brighter and offers more details than a picture typical in low light. In addition, do not depend on the LED flash.

This news is not official

Have been the guys from XDA Developers those who have discovered, within the source code of the Android 9 that will have the Galaxy Note 9, this inclusion in your camera.

despite the fact that it is not an official announcement, it makes sense that the company debuts its next big launch, its Samsung Galaxy S10.

Source | XDA Developers