Samsung adds 57 new themes in his shop to customize your terminal Galaxy

Something curious is that the layers of customization that most manufacturers implement their own devices allow, though very limited customization of the same, limited strict option only allows the manufacturer quite the opposite of stock Android, but has fewer resources than default, customization is totally free and user choice .

However, there are some additions that Google has not yet made available to the public natively, as is the store of issues Galaxy . In this we saw that, week after week Samsung added a lot of new songs, and this time added a lot, more than any other.

Up to 57 new exclusive themes for your phone Samsung Galaxy

Logically there’s also this business some of them are extra, but still a good portion of them are free and simply downloading can apply quickly and completely change the default interface bring Touchwiz if desired.

This time as there are other heavily loaded with a clear theme, but there are also material design style and even a port exact interface that uses the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , a real nice of them.

If you think, let’s take a quick look at some of them: How to get Samsung Paid Themes for FREE

As such, there are to 57 new ones are available and you can either download and use them or make payment if you want and the price is reasonable for them forever. Remember that the terminals are available for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, edge Samsung Galaxy S6 + and the still limited Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

And you do you think? Head over to Samsung adds 57 new themes in his shop to customize your terminal Galaxy to leave your mark.

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