Samsung active the chip of FM radio in the Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 no radio FM (yes, it has been confirmed that the Galaxy S7 may function as FM radio) and on more than one occasion you have indicated you how to have the FM radio on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge of Samsung but the previous method was to have an FM radio via the data connection.

All this could change thanks to a new update from Samsung that enables the chip to FM radio on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Following the criticism of Samsung to create the perfect mobile brand has decided activate the v-chip FM radio in these mobile devices and the patch already exists, is installed in some mobile phones from T-Mobile in the version with Snapdragon 820 of the Galaxy S7.

Actualizacion radio FM Galaxy S7

How to use and activate the v-chip FM radio that’s hidden in the Galaxy S7?

No, we don’t need root or anything like that, a simple official update from Samsung is activating these chips and although it comes as a update minor patch may security the truth is that it will change the day-to-day of many people who criticize Samsung for not having FM radio in their handsets.

From the Galaxy S4 Samsung has forgotten the FM radio in the high-end mobile and the worst thing of all is that all carry hidden and not activated. In the screenshots of the update between the security fix, bug fixes and optimized system you will also see the inclusion of the FM radio that it will be possible to use through compatible applications.

For the moment, Samsung has not confirmed whether the International version, which mounts an Exynos 8890, will also activate the chip-in FM radio, but now we know that yes it is possible to enable it through an update and if Samsung does give you one more reason to the consumers to be done with this mobile phone. The radio FM has reached the Galaxy S7 base and also the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The update in question takes up about 160 MB and we hope to come soon to Europe, if it comes to our mobile soon we will inform you of how it works and how using the FM radio normal in the Galaxy S7, you will need headphones to work as an antenna, that’s for sure.