Record multiple screens at once in Windows 10

Recording multiple PC screens has become easier. So there are different basic tools that allow you to record your screen. For more sophisticated needs, you can buy applications that do the job and they facilitate everything. However, if you need to record several screens at once, you will find that the options are reduced.

Also, most solutions require that you buy an application for this job. The only free and reliable solution that is available to you is, of course, the software called Open Broadcaster.

The only problem with using this software to record multiple screens at once, is that the user interface is a bit complicated. Therefore, we hope to facilitate your understanding so that you can use the program easily.

The first thing you have to do is download Open Broadcaster and follow the instructions below. This program is also available for macOS and Linux, so it will work if you have these operating systems.

Configure sources to record multiple screens

In Open Broadcaster, the sources are where the video is captured. It can be a screen, a different application, and even a web page.

Now, you must open Open Broadcaster and click on the “+” (more) button to add a new source. In the menu that opens, select "Screenshot."

Click "Next," in the window that opens, and then, in the window that follows, select your main monitor from the "Display" drop-down menu. Click OK Open Broadcaster can now record your main monitor. Then, you must allow the program to also record your second monitor.

Expand recording area

Also and by default, the Open Broadcaster recording area is set to the resolution of your main monitor. So, if you are interested in recording several screens at once, you should expand this area so that you can include both screens side by side. To do this, click on the "Settings" button in the lower right.

Now, in the settings window, go to the "Video" tab. Open the “Base resolution (canvas)” drop-down menu and change it so that it is configured with the total width of your two monitors and the highest monitor height you have.

Also, click "Apply" and then "OK."

Align screens in Open Broadcaster

This is the last thing you should do before you start recording. With the expanded recording area, Open Broadcaster looks like the screenshot below. There is an empty area on the left (yours may be on the right, no matter what). This is where you should add your second screen.

To do this, simply click on a screen from the right, drag and drop it in the black area. Display sources are basically stacked on top of each other as layers. What you are doing is dragging a layer to one side so that it is next to the other input source.

Finally, you are ready to record or stream. Click on the record button and Open Broadcaster will record both screens at the same time.