RAR: know these utilities to open your files

Every time you receive a compressed file, it surely comes under the .ZIP format. It is also very common that there are RAR files, since these two are storage files. Therefore, and if you do not know very well how to open this type of files, we give you the instructions to open them without any problem.

We have for you some utilities so you can open this type of files easily. In the same way, you can do the opposite effect; that is, with these utilities, you can compress your own files.

These tools come for free and also as payment programs. The latter will depend on how many additional features you need.

1.- WinZip is the most popular for opening RAR files

This is a utility that is widely used and is perhaps the best known for doing this type of tasks. As the name says, you can compress and unzip ZIP files, as well as other files. This tool is also known for having a very friendly interface.

And you can simply drag your RAR files to the program and those files will open in a matter of seconds. In addition to opening the files, you can protect them with this utility. Since it supports encryption keys up to 256 bits.

With WinZip you can save, share and send your compressed files by email. Or, you can store them in the cloud, with services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

With this tool you can create split files, until you compress MP3 format files. As well as, you can use WinZip functions with office applications such as Microsoft Office. So, if you want one of the best options, then that is WinZip.

By downloading, you can get the free version and use it for 20 days. When this period passes, you must purchase the software for only USD 29.25. You can install WinZip for both Windows and Mac. And you can also have it on your smartphone.

2.- WinRAR tool

This is another widely used tool to open and manage your RAR files. In addition to this type of file, you can extract others such as ZIP, CAB and ARJ files. You can also create your own compressed files, as well as divide them by volumes.

WinRAR allows you to test your saved files, repair defective files and add passwords for added security. Its standard encryption up to 256 bits allows you to protect your files with advanced security.

The interface of this utility is super friendly and easy to handle. It has large buttons at the top, which will easily guide you to what you want to do in the program. It has an assistant that will guide you through the process of what you want to do in WinRAR.

This program is available for Windows, you can do a free download and try it for 40 days. If you decide to buy it, it will cost you 29 USD. For the rest, it is one of the most practical and easy to use utilities.

3.- Open RAR files with PeaZip

If you don't want to pay for a tool that allows you to open this kind of files, you can try a free utility called PeaZip. As with all programs of this type, you can open files of various kinds, such as: ZIP, TAR, RAR and 7z.

One of the advantages of PeaZip is its interface, which is very user friendly. You just have to open this program, find your RAR file and double click it so you can open it. You can also click on the Extract button to send the files to the location you want.

You can delete your files with just one click and password protect them. In addition, you can save the task log and change the format of your files.

PeaZip is a very good option, besides it is free. In this sense, it operates under an open source license, so it is available for both Windows and any Linux distribution.

4.- With 7-Zip you can open your RAR files

Like PeaZip, you can open and manage your RAR files for free with 7-Zip. It is an open source utility, so you will not have any problem with its license. Also, you will not pay anything after you have it installed and use it.

Also, you can open many other alternate formats to RAR files, including TAR and WIM files.

As with other tools, 7-Zip has an extremely easy to use interface. With just one click, you can access all the operations allowed for RAR file types and so on. In case you want to compress your files, you can do so by adding security, with the standard encryption method of these tools.

If you want to compress your files and open them under RAR format, this free utility is ideal for you. It should be noted that you will get it only if you have Windows.

5.- B1 Free Archiver

We give you the last option to open your RAR files, and this is B1 Free Archiver. If you are guided by the design and the interface of the applications, we tell you that this tool has the best design and the most attractive of all. For the rest, you can use it for everything that concerns the opening and management of RAR files and also works with multiple formats.

On the other hand, you can compress and divide your files between volumes and protect them with a password. The assistant and help of this utility is one of the best and you can send comments and suggestions to the developers.

An important factor of this utility with respect to the others, is that you can run it on Mac and Android. As well as Windows and Linux.

If you don't want to install tools on your PC, we have good news; since this program can be run online. This way, you can open and manage your RAR files on any of your devices.

The utility that best suits your needs

If you want the best RAR file extractor and so on, then you have this list so you can choose the best one. They range from paid to free and open source programs, it is only up to you to choose the one that best suits your style and way of working.

Whether for Windows or any operating system, these utilities will do the best job for you.