Quiet, nothing happens if your Galaxy S8 is left in the freezer

¿you Know that the Galaxy S8 can be frozen to -35 degrees? I dont believe it until I saw the video. Don’t you think so? You can not miss the following video on YouTube in which we can see how there is nothing wrong the Galaxy S8 if it stays in the freezer.

Sure that you’re not going to walk getting into andl Samsung Galaxy S8 in any freezer to cool (by very hot, that is). But a youtuber if you have done the test and what happens you can’t miss it. Below is a picture of how it has started everything, but the video with the whole process and final result you will lose and you leave it below.

Galaxy S8 se puede congelar a -35 grados

The Galaxy S8 can be frozen to -35 degrees

In the video, we can see how a user picks up a tub of frozen and begins to crush the Galaxy S8 against it to make water. Then, introduces the Galaxy S8 within ice water. And still above, made more water even. Until he finally decides to put the tub in the freezer and freeze it all full (we also see how to introduce an iPhone 7 to their side).

it Is clear that there are videos that do not cease to surprise us, that’s why you have to see it and you can’t miss it. But do you want to know what happens then? What happens, is that after you put it in the freezer and wait for it to freeze completely, he decides to take it out (when it is already frozen 100% ). Is more, we see a ice cube immense (the whole tub) and within it are hidden these terminals.

The Galaxy S8 remains intact after first soaking in cold water, and then freeze

The result surprised us, because we see that the Galaxy S8 is intact, nothing has happened. That is to say, we could say that the Galaxy S8 can be frozen to -35 degrees.

This confirms that Samsung Galaxy S8 is a mobile very resistant since then. It’s good news, because it’s amazing that a phone can endure that and it has achieved. The child has demonstrated that after the process of freezing S8 is still working perfect (it is shown in the video).

do Not miss the video because it is amazing and worth watching:

What did you like the video? You do the test with your S8?