Play Cut the Rope: Magic without ads

Jugar a Cut the Rope: Magic sin anuncios

Cut the Rope: Magic we love, it is the new game from these guys that are impressing users with its gameplay and colors, because it certainly has a lot of magic. The only downside is that sometimes they leave annoying ads (especially videos) that could annoy many users, because they cut a little bit the roll to be adentrados full in the game. In this article we will see how play Cut the Rope: Magic without ads, although you already know that you will need to spend per box.

How to play Cut the Rope: Magic without ads

Sure that playing Cut the Rope: Magic you have skipped not only that you got no energy and you have to watch an ad if you want to continue playing, but another that is even more annoying, and that reminds us that if we don’t want to have ads in the game will have that checkout.

Jugar a Cut the Rope: Magic sin anuncios

If we take the option of no ads we will have to pay only 0,99 € . Many users have asked because there were this option for the Play Store, but as you can see she also goes through the game.

through Cut the Rope: Magic > Configuration > Without ads, we will find this option to pay 0,99 euros per enjoy the game without discomfort. You can pay directly with PayPal and from the app without having to leave the app for anything.

For less than a euro, zero annoyances in the game

Jugar a Cut the Rope Magic sin anuncios

This is the message that you will see before you complete the payment. Remember that if you have any questions you can leave us a message. However, even if you get this ad-free version, you will need to choose equally by the ads to get extra power on many occasions. But if we can help you enjoy a better experience of the game, and for only a euro, so that is a little help to its developers.

What do you think of the game? Do better with ads, or without them?

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