Philips NX5, a tower of sound to put Willies

On the occasion of Halloween Philips launched in Spain an impressive system sound to party in style and put the willies to anyone with power, audio tower Philips NX5 .

Torre de sonido Philips NX5

Features Philips Sound Tower NX5

The sound tower Philips NX5 is the successor to Philips NX1 , which was launched in Last year, within Nitro range, characterized mainly by two things:

A massive subwoofer provides very powerful bass incorporate button NX Bass to improve the sound immediately. Available in whole line, dolls this button bass and power to the extreme. Pressing, and can improve the sound immediately, make effects of rampant light and vibrations felt in the legs

-. His LED lights built into the speakers to create a suitable atmosphere to the party. 260,000 combinations colored lights flashing, flashing and float in time with the music automatically or by selecting one of the nominated with the aim of creating a spectacular atmosphere anyway.

Full technical specifications of Philips NX5

Especificaciones técnicas completas de la Philips NX5

The NX5 exceed 380W RMS power from little brother 650W RMS . In addition to bass button NX Bass and lighting effects, this tower a sound Auto DJ system that mixes tracks the connected USB device to enable the party started without any mixing. If preferred, it is also a system crossfader to mix by hand, with smooth transitions, and power switch between different devices where you have stored music (via USB, Bluetooth, CD or sound). On the other hand, it is 5-band equalizer provides adaptation to the sound you want each and handle and wheels allow easy transport.

Price Philips NX5 is € 599.99 and is now available in Spain.

FX25 and FX15 New Mini systems

Nuevas minicadenas FX25 y FX15

Along with these developments, throwing Philips also our country FX25 and FX15 Two Mini systems designed to acclimate musical and lumínicamente parties. This is the FX25 and FX15 Philips. The only difference between them is that one deals 300W RMS and others 180W RMS . The rest, all the same. Dual Amplifier and MAX Sound system. This technology, MAX Sound, can produce a severe blow and maximize performance while avoiding distortion sound. It is able to create a shocking experience by pressing a button. You can listen any device via Bluetooth or NFC, USB, Audio-in and CDs . You can connect to a TV or DVD and digital radio tunes .

Both models are now available in Spain for a price of € 199.99 respectively and € 149.99 .