Peep, the Periscope of WhatsApp

The real-time transmission is already a phenomenon, people are no longer content with doing a vlog daily that he now wants to show what is happening in each moment, in real-time, without any type of filter.

This has made applications such as Periscope, Snapchat or Facebook Live have given a good profit to its creators, and what is true is that WhatsApp, the most widely used application to communicate, there is an app that has this ability active. Yes it is true that we can send videos, audios and even make calls through the application of Facebook, but the real time streaming is not allowed. Peep wants to be the Periscope of WhatsApp although it seems more of a marketing gimmick, let’s look at the idea in question.

Will Peep the Periscope of WhatsApp?

In the first place we must clarify that Peep is not yet available and the application will come out initially for iOS, then it will do for Android though so far only available in beta phase.

The operation of the Peep is very similar to a Periscope, integrated with WhatsApp as only pressing a button we will be able to start recording, and this will share the link with our friends of the application. Now, most of the applications allow you to share links and this would make it possible to share the videos from any place.

Peep says it is weighing for WhatsApp and therefore have to be integrated in some way while the integration current is very confusing, it works from behind but not in an integrated way in the application because you do not have your permission to do so. Yes, the relay from this application you can follow live from any place and that is a good starting point for anyone left without their fill of streaming in real-time.

The people have left the place of ready things, professional things, and has started to transmit in real time the way it wants, this leads us to generate a lot of content but it is also true that much more garbage, prepared in a professional way.

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