Pasbuk, the best Android application to manage passbooks

If we take the look a few years back, remember that June 11, 2012 in which Apple introduced Passbook, its application to facilitate its users to travel. This application uses .pkpass files that unfortunately are not natively supported by Android. This is where the developer community comes in, and after haberos presented PassWallet, today I want to introduce Pasbuk, another good application to manage your passbooks from your smarphone Android .

The problem with PassWallet is that tries to emulate the iOS app , and although that may seem to us at first, the truth is that Android users seek other aesthetic. We’re talking, of course, of material design, new lines of design Google . That is the vision of ClauCookie, developer of this application. For this reason, I would like to show the application to know a little more of it.

The application perfectly follows the guidelines set by Material Design. The interface is not only simple but also quite nice to see . To download passbook Pasbuk just have to choose to download and automatically we will download the application. In my case, I use it a lot for RENFE, has three sales: information with each train, one with my data and other information of the place . All this we can import our schedule to have it more visible.

The application can be downloaded so completely free from Google Play and I’ll say it works really well and the user experience is very satisfactory. If you are people who travel a lot and walk all day and wrinkling printing tickets, check it out the application. In addition, you do not have to worry by trouble with the files because from the settings you can configure Pasbuk to erase all those who have already used .

Google Play l Pasbuk (Free)

And you do you think? Head over Pasbuk, the best Android application to manage passbooks to leave your mark.

Boarding passes have been no longer required to print when we are going on a trip. It is also not necessary to print tickets for a concert. Simply download them to our mobile phone and then show them on the site in question. One application that allows us this is Passbook, although unfortunately it is available only for iPhone. Luckily, Android has its alternatives.

We leave you with the best passbook alternatives that we can find available for Android devices. Thus, we can forget about having to print boarding passes or train tickets.

All these applications fulfill the same task as Passbook. Although, of course, each of them has a different design or some additional features. We tell you more about all of them below.

The case of Passbook on Android is slightly more complex, although without abandoning the margins that define simplicity. The only extra step we have to perform is to install one of the following applications, which will act as a .pkpass file manager.

Simply open the Passbook file on Android and the system will automatically identify one of these apps as the default. After that, the ticket will be added to our collection and we will be able to view it whenever we want.