New Instagram chat sticker; know it

The social network with more people in the world He has released a new chat sticker to his stories. This novelty will allow you to invite your followers directly to a group chat. The reason for inviting strangers to group messages does not seem consistent to any mortal. So you are not an influencer, to do anything as long as more people follow you.

This is not unusual for Instagram, since it is constantly adding new stickers to the stories. This is how in the middle of last years, a sticker was introduced which allows you to play music in your stories. The following month, they also introduced another that allows questions to be asked to followers and contacts.

How is the new sticker used?

The new sticker will of course do what you expect it to do, which is nothing more than inviting other people to your chat conversations. This new sticker will appear in the menu called «Chat». In addition, in your Stories it will appear under the name of «Join the chat». In the same way that all stickers work, you can add them anywhere in your stories.

When your contacts or followers see the new sticker, they can click on it. When you click on the sticker, you will request to join the private chat of the user who has published it. Then, you will have the option of accepting the request with which to invite all the users chosen to a group chat.

You will find this chat in the inbox of your Direct Messages (DM). The user (or you) who has published the chat tag in History can delete it at any time. In fact, the instagrammer has full control of group chat. What is beneficial if the chat gets aggressive.

The influencers of this social network could use this new sticker to invite their followers to chat. But depending on the number of followers, chat management could get difficult. Therefore, it seems that this new feature could be used by people who have real friends and followers on Instagram.

It seems that the most likely use is to contact real friends and followers, rather than the infunuencers presume more in their account. And it seems that the goal is to bring users of this social network according to their interests and tastes.

Instagram is bound to transcend

As you could see, this new feature will not be a fundamental change in Instagram. But it does lead to the desire of the creators of Facebook to turn Instagram into something more than a platform for people to start showing off. So the number of people who will use the new sticker is also expected.

Instagram Stories are a great way to share content with other people; Whether you are an influencer or an ordinary user. You should know that there are also many ways to make stories more attractive and friendly. In turn, Instagram does not stop surprising us, so you can also try many visual tricks to make your stories look great.