New colors for WhatsApp! The virus that you should avoid

Despite being the instant messaging application for excellence, WhatsApp is not without its dangers. It is relatively frequent to find us with scams in the application. The most recent related with Netflix. Every few weeks comes a new scam or the expansion of any type of malware. This has been increasing since the last fall of the application, so users must navigate with particular care. Today, as you can imagine, the turn comes to talk of a new thymus.

A new message is circulating on WhatsApp. On this occasion it is a message that says that the app is going to new colors. This is indeed a new scam. WhatsApp is not going to have new colors.

The new colors are a virus

The message that users receive is this in the image above. You get a post announcing the new colors of WhatsApp. To try to give greater credibility to this message, the icon of the application is blue in color. Give you to understand that you’ll be able to change the color of the icon if you click on the link present in the message. That is where the problem lies. When you click on that link, you are lead to a site and they ask you what you send to 10 of your contacts.

The operation is fairly known, since the majority of scams in the application work as well. With this way of acting to get the hoax to expand rapidly. The problem is that it is likely that there is a malware in the same. Which makes your device to be able to be at the mercy of these people. Therefore it is recommended that do not prick never in this type of links. Much less share the message with your contacts. The only thing that you are doing it this way is to expand the hoax and the danger.

in Addition, there are users that the try to close that window have had problems (the window does not close) or the phone starts to vibrate for no reason. Therefore, if you ever receive this message, you do not believe. It is a huge hoax circulates on WhatsApp. Their only purpose is to infect your phone and probably access to your data. Avoid falling for this scam, because WhatsApp are not going to change colors.

Source | Express