Facebook Messenger And Facebook Messenger Lite Differences

What are the differences between Facebook Messenger vs. Facebook Messenger Lite? Facebook Messenger Lite that is developed for terminals that do not have as much capacity or powerful mobile data, ie, it is a light version of the social network that is similar, but occupies much less. Messenger Lite was released to the public in the year 2015 here a comparison between Facebook Messenger vs Facebook Messenger Lite.

Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Lite are very similar, with both you can use the messaging service, send photos and videos. But the most noticeable difference between the two is that with Messenger Lite you can do all that but you can not use the rest of Messenger features such as bubbles, bots, gif sending or making calls.

Facebook Messenger Lite is much more fluid than messenger because it has fewer functionalities, so it opens faster than the other. Its design is cleaner to have fewer options and occupies much less space than Facebook Messenger.

Where are the main differences between Messenger Lite and Messenger?

Messenger Lite

  • Design: At first glance the Facebook Messenger Lite app looks pretty dynamic, with some effects, and quite clean. It has No functions to change color, place nicknames, view secret messages, etc., such as the main app.
  • Features: Facebook Messenger Lite only gives you three paragraphs in the application for messages, contacts and account options, unlike the multiple Messenger menus, which are often lacking in use.
  • Notifications: You will not receive any bubbles, as Facebook Messenger does. Here you simply define what type of notification you want to have and vibrate or your phone will sound when you receive a message.
  • Data pack: Definitely Lite has better advantage to the full Facebook app. Opening it won’t consume you a lot of data, and it won’t make your cell phone hot quickly.

Messenger Lite saves more data at the time of running against Facebook Messenger because it leaves more graphics and effects. It’s less heavy. The Facebook app weighs 55 MB, while Lite weighs only 1 MB.

Have left the most basic features, so Lite is only for users who want to talk or send photos. If you want to use the app in depth and do many more things, you will have to download the normal one.

Messenger occupies in total 177Mb between the 153 of the own app and 25 additional data, while the Lite version is carried only 17, 15 of the app and 1.5 MB of additional data.

Similarly, the generated cache passes from the more than 15 with a couple of conversations in process to a scarce MegaByte in Lite, mainly because the photos received or sent are not pre loaded, and unless we explicitly press in one, we will see low resolution versions in miniature of them.


  • 204Mb in operation
  • 150.74 MB in the background
  • 58.04 MB closed

Messenger Lite

  • 93Mb in operation
  • Lite: 59.64 MB in the background
  • 8.76 MB closed

Facebook Lite There is no video call service or VoIP conversations. Nor will we have the Group tab, although these will be fully available mixed with our individual conversations in chronological order.

The differences in the visual aspect are obvious, but not for this reason the design of Messenger Lite is of a much cleaner and minimalist aspect, with only three sections in the application for messages, contacts and account options, unlike the multiple Messenger menus.

Messenger Lite will allow you to have normal conversations with your friends, including the ability to send emoticons, audio recordings and photos. However, you will not be able to send videos as well as make and receive voice or video calls. In other words, you won’t be able to talk to your friends on video.