MediaTek Helium X27, the alternative to the Snapdragon 821

The rumors spread like wildfire and it seems that thanks to a leak on GSM Insider we know the future processor from MediaTek, the MediaTek Helium X27. This processor would not be the future Helium X30, but that would represent an intermediate step between the Helium in the X25 and the Helium X30 that would be intended to compete directly against the future Qualcomm Snapdragon 830.

The Helium X27 would be as an intermediate step to to compete directly with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 and it would follow a similar strategy to its direct rival. This Helium X27 has many things in common with the Helium X20 and Helium X25.


MediaTek Helium X27: How will the intermediate step of the chinese company?

This MediaTek Helium X27, despite being only a rumor, would be a process for the manufacture of 20nm and would have 10 core. The frequency has increased up to 2,59 GHz and this would allow the processor to work somewhat better than the Helium X20.

unlike other rumors will not count with a production of 14 nm as MediaTek must pass before for the 16 nm to achieve the technology of 14 nm. Other companies such as Samsung have already manufactured bulk processors of 10 nm and that we must not forget it.

The Helium X27 will arrive in a mobile LeEco

The Helium X27 not be more than a rebranding of the Helium X20 and Helium X25 with some enhanced capabilities to compete with the Snapdragon 821 like this is nothing more than a Snapdragon 820 modified with 4 things in order to compete more strongly in the market and to try to say that is above the Exynos 8890 riding the Galaxy S7.

All indications are that the Helium X27 MediaTek will be released for the first time in a new mobile LeEco, a chinese brand that is about to land in North America thanks to the strong momentum that has managed to achieve in Asia. LeEco is making mobile of great quality and are becoming more known outside of China. We will be watching to see if finally this Helium X27 materializes, or is just a rumor.

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