March of Empires, the new game from Gameloft immersive online strategy

March of Empires

We all like to play in our smartphones and tablets , it’s actually quite likely to be one of the things that we do with them . Personally, one of the genres that I like most is the strategy, so today we will talk about March of Empires . This title is the new release of Gameloft, a game of immersive online multiplayer strategy looks good.

March of Empires, still being based on a similar system other strategy games, is expanding in many areas, giving it an added value that many users will appreciate. For starters, the game gives us the ability to choose our leader a King Íbero a North Czar or Sultan Desert . Then he gives us a castle and a small piece of land.

This is our kingdom, and he’ll build new buildings and improving them in turn. Each has its own advantages and its own profits, so we have to choose rightly to our kingdom to flourish. Anyway, build and upgrade is not the most interesting thing will be able to do. We can expand our lands and domains, which means more to defend and resources to use, and as you can see in the video below, the world is very, very large.

has a alliance system in which the different players can attack and defend specific points in the group, helping to earn points and climb in the hierarchy of both the alliance and the global ranking . The battles are also very interesting, because we have to consider the type of units, the climate, the area … This will allow us not to be a one on one battle and win the strongest, but have to estrujarnos brains to win, which makes it more interesting .

Another factor of the game is time, which will depend on many things . To give an example, research progressing faster when it’s winter because people stay at home studying more. But now comes the bad. According Gameloft the game is not available “until some time” , so we still can not download it. What we can do is to pre-register as soon as it is launched, we can download it. Relax, be free although purchases will come with in-app -.

Google Play l March of Empires (Pre-registration for later download)

And you do you think? Head over March of Empires, the new game from Gameloft immersive online strategy to make your mark.

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