Listen to music and play videos from Telegram

escuchar musica ver videos sin salir de telegram

Listen to music and watch videos without leaving the Telegram it is possible to, without having to leave the application itself to nothing. What is certain is that it is very convenient that suddenly we can hear our favorite music that we send or view videos directly from the conversation of the Telegram, without having to go outside to do so. Many times we bother you to close or minimize the app to be able to play anything you send us, so that we are at a great advantage.

Telegram allows you to listen to music and watch videos from the app

The guys from Telegram hide extra functionality under the sleeve, when we compare it with WhatsApp, these would prove to be the winners. In this case, we have encountered 2 that are not new but that we did not know.

escuchar musica ver videos telegram

  • Listen to music from Telegram. In most applications, when we send a music file (which is not the same as an instant recording), we have to leave the app to listen to it, choosing a means to do so. However, Telegram has player own, and we can play the songs directly from the conversation.
  • Play videos from Telegram. The same for music, for videos. On this occasion, also supports playback of videos, so that we will not have to leave the conversation to watch the video, as is the case in many other services.

We are facing two advantages very good that we like. Already in his day to compare WhatsApp with Telegram, but what is certain is that this new unknown we have been delighted to.

Get the latest version of Telegram

we don’t know since which version, but if you download the latest version of Telegram for Android sure that you have it. Recall that in this latest version of Telegram find gifts and bots so you don’t have waste.

Note: After researching, these new features are in Telegram from July 17, 2015.

did you even Know this secret Telegram? What is certain is that we had never noticed, but it’s another advantage over WhatsApp.

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