List of mobile devices that work with F1 2016

I Know that you want to play F1 2016, and who does not! The problem is that this game doesn’t work too well on most devices. The requirements that you need for its proper functioning are not few. Basically, you’re going to need at least a mid-range-high. In this article we want to talk to you about the mobile devices that work with F1 2016. This game requires too much machine, but we will tell you all of the ingredients that you will need to have in your terminal to run the game successfully.

como hacer que F1 2016 no funcione lento

Mobile devices that work with F1 2016

If you want to know the mobile compatible with F1 2016, don’t miss this list because we will be updating as we go, knowing all the models that work well, without problems. Some though are medium to high range, they have inexplicably lag.

  • Works well (some better and others worse) OnePlus 3T, Nexus 6S, Moto Z Play, Pixel, Nvidia Shield K1.
  • Works more or less (with lag and jumps): Galaxy S7, Nexus, 5X, ASUS ZenFone 2, Huawei P9.
  • does Not work: samsung Galaxy A5, Moto G, My Pad 2, RedMi Note 4, Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, 4.

you can’t lose anything before these tips if F1 2016 will works slow on Android. You will get them to work much faster and be able to play without lag.

Recommendations for play F1 2016

  • you Need a smartphone powerful, the more the better. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or higher. Exynos top of the top of range. Powerful MediaTek, Helium, etc
  • a Minimum of 3 GB of RAM.
  • Minimum 5 GB storage internal free.
  • Avoids having apps in the background open.
  • Restart the phone before playing to clean up all processes in 2nd level.
  • don’t play while you’re charging, or you’re almost out of battery (you could work through superheated / lag).

These are the recommendations that we can give you for now (we will updated the list as we know more data of the game). Remember that the game has yet to be optimized to work better on more devices.

If you have a high-end, you’ll be able to play without problems

ideally have a high-end. With the best devices of the year you shouldn’t have problems to play. For example, with the Google Pixel or OnePlus 3T. These phones with 6 GB of RAM are also good to play without lag.

high-end and mid-range-high are working without problems (although sometimes there is some lag in the medium to high range). We will be updating the list as we know all are supported, and that give problems.

Remember that the game has yet to be optimized. The developers will soon release an update to make it work better, and have better performance in the majority of smartphones. Users are scoring low in the Play Store because it’s going to be pulling in the majority of mobile.

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