Level up fast in PUBG Mobile apps with these tips

In PUBG it is necessary to level up, so that we earn more rewards, and we can unlock new resources not any player has. To do this, we must perform certain actions in games that help us to gain more experience. Maybe at the beginning may be a little difficult, but after you learn the tricks it will be a no-brainer.

The activities that we will describe below, are those that give more experience. These must be made in full game, just keep in mind the following tips.

to Reach the top 10 in the game

For beginners this may perhaps be difficult, because to reach the top 10 in a game is more complicated of what appears. Similarly, with time we can learn how to play PUBG Mobile, and what we will achieve.

¿why is it so important to reach the top 10? As we know, the objective of the game is to survive, while most duremos in the game, the better. If we get to be one of the last to die, or if we win, our score will go up, and this will give us more experience of what is normal.

Heal the teammates

Although it is one of the simplest things, heal our comrades also ensures more experience. When we perform several aids in a game, us tagged as doctor, and this label makes up our rating.

Eliminate all that we can

Some of the players only think to survive, and escape out of fights, or are hidden throughout the game. This should not be done if we want to level up, because practically we are not doing anything. it is better to eliminate 10 enemies and die in the top 15, that is not kill all and win the game.

What we do is what represents us, and the more effort we put in the game, the more experience we will have.

Open boxes air

Another important thing, is stop to be afraid of the boxes overhead. As we know, these are sought after by the majority of the players, and many battles are generated at these points. What we need to do, is to have some car to help us get these boxes.

When we open a box, you register on one of the most important achievements is that there’s, which we can complete if we do so constantly. In addition, the resources that you will find here, will be level 3.

to Overcome the achievements

even If you lack the experience to reach the level you want, then you have to consider the achievements. These are to be found in the section of pending tasks, and they each have separate missions. In addition to giving us experience, we will reward you with boxes of high quality.

In short, is not so complicated to level up, we just have to have clear the most important actions of the game. For beginners, these tips can serve very well in the maps Erangel, and Sanhok.

¿you’ve managed to level up?

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