Learn to properly restore an iPhone before selling it

To be able to sell or give away a cell phone it is essential to restore the iPhone to its factory settings. For this reason, we tell you the procedures so that you can get rid of your device and that the next user can use it without problems.

“First of all you have to enable iCloud backup so as not to lose personal information. Then and when the backup is done, The iCloud account and the ‘Search My IPhone’ application must be deactivated. To perform this operation you have to enter the IPhone configuration section and access Apple ID, ”explains Rodolfo Romero, head of Experimax technical service, a store specializing in the sale, purchase and repair of cell phones and computers.

In addition, he adds that “it is also the option to enter the Icloud.com page and remove the account with the username and password in the ‘Search My IPhone´ icon, which is located at the bottom center of the page. Then, where all the devices are located, the one you need is removed. That way, we can start another account and the new owner will have no problem using the Apple phone. ”

After deactivating the iCloud it is necessary to delete the personal data of the phone. To do this, we have to open the “configuration”, then enter “general” and where it is “reset”, press “delete content and configuration”, this process will leave the cell phone with the factory configuration, ready to sell it.

To carry out all these procedures, the keys are needed and if we don't have them, they can be retrieved through the Apple website. Depending on how we initially established the account, the keys will be sent to the phone or mail.

“On the other hand, if there is a device that is synchronized with the cell phone, the keys can also be obtained by entering https://iforgot.apple.com. Following the steps, you can recover the keys. If we do not achieve it with any of the above options, you can send a request to Apple, who verify your identity and they assist you to restore the account password, ”says the Experimax technician.