Learn how to take advantage of Instagram Business to grow your business

By José María López of Think Big. The figures that Instagram gives are clear. "Every month, there are more than one billion Instagram accounts active around the world." "More than 500 million Instagram accounts from around the world are active every day." "80% of accounts follow a company on Instagram". That said, is not it worth it for any professional and company to have a presence on Instagram?

From there Instagram Business or Instagram for companies, that has its own page where to solve doubts and consult material to get an idea of ​​the many things that our company can do on Instagram.

Of course, we can create personalized ads to reach the maximum number of Instagram users and position our brand or product image. But not only advertising lives the image of a company. Let's see some of the tools that Instagram gives us for companies.

Create a business account

The first step is to create our business account. To do this, just create an account to use, as you did with your personal account. That is, you enter the official Instagram page and register with your data or your company's data.

Once that account is created, to convert it to a business account, go to Settings> Account> Switch to business account. Among other things, we must indicate the category of the company and contact information. Optionally, Instagram recommends connecting our "business account with a Facebook page that is associated with your business. In this way, you can use all available business functions more easily. "

Verify your business on Instagram

Once we have our company with its own Instagram account, we can verify it so that everyone knows that it is an official account and not a copy or unofficial version.

From Settings> Account> Request verification we must fill in a form with the required information to verify that we are who we say we are. Those responsible for Instagram will review the application.

Meanwhile, Instagram recommends "write a description of your profile's personal data", "use the stories as a means to offer an unprecedented vision of your company" and, thirdly, "encourage customers to tag your company in their publications." for people to see them using your product or service. "

Add several Instagram accounts

It is possible that we manage two or more Instagram accounts at the same time, either from one or more companies, from different products or brands from the same company … To facilitate their management, it is possible to alternate between them by configuring them in your Instagram app.

From Settings> Add account it is possible to login to several Instragram accounts. To change between the different configured accounts, we must go to our profile, touch our username and, finally, choose the account we are going to use.

Manage messages

When our Instagram account becomes an Instagram account for companies, the inbox will be a space to consult frequently to know the opinion and suggestions of our current or future clients.

In the words of Instagram, "your company profile of the platform is a combined inbox, that is, it shows the messages of the people who are already following you and those of the potential customers who still do not".

Hence, it is convenient to filter the messages received, especially if we use Instagram Direct. To highlight messages, we slide our finger from right to left in the mobile version. And to filter it, just click on the Filters icon in the upper right corner of Direct.