Learn how to pass unnoticed on WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp has solved many problems in our lives, it has also created several others. For example, when your friends bother to leave the message "seen" or not respond to the chats promptly because they see that you are online.

With these methods, you can deactivate the received confirmation or change the time that indicates when was the last time you connected.

Deactivate "blue popcorn"

It is one of the basic needs of many. Just enter the Settings menu; followed by account and privacy. Once there, you have to choose "Reading Confirmations" and deactivate it. People will not know when you read the messages.

Delete the connection time

You must enter the same settings until privacy and choose "Time of last time". When you deactivate it, nobody will be able to claim you that you did not answer even though you were online.

Do not receive messages for a while

If you need to rest from WhatsApp without uninstalling it, you just have to pause the program. In Android, you must go to the Phone Settings menu (not WhatsApp); Application manager and choose WhatsApp.

Press on force stop and at least, until you open WhatsApp again, you will stop receiving messages.

If you use iOS, you must double-click on the circular button, the apps that work in the background will appear, and in which the chat corresponds, slide from bottom to top.

Ready, now – at least while you want it -, you do not exist on WhatsApp.