Learn how to make your cell phone battery last with the 20/80 rule

The fast battery charge on cell phones is still a problem that has not been fully resolved. Day by day we have to manage it in a good way so that it lasts as long as possible.

Although we do not want it, the cell phone battery is dying at all times, from the first time we started using it. The truth is that it depends on the owner of the phone that this happens slowly or that you kill your battery very quickly.

If what we want is for the smartphone battery to have a useful life for as long as possible, we must apply the 20/80 rule.

This means keeping the cell phone between 20 and 80 percent battery.

Why these percentages?


A battery works optimally above 20 percent charge, however, when it drops below this number, what you are doing is forcing it to the limit of its capabilities to work as it would regularly.

The problem is that many people want to charge the mobile when it is very close to zero percent, but this will only stress it. In fact, the zero percent marked on your battery is not a real zero, but a measure that tells you that your smartphone cannot work like this.

In fact, a battery could never really reach zero percent, this would make it die, without being able to reset it.


Many of us have noticed that the battery charge is usually very fast at first, before it reaches 80 percent, but once it reaches this number, the trickle charge or dropper charge is activated.

This means that the amperage decreases significantly because your battery begins to be at the limit. Therefore, it will work as a security method.

Although it seems to be part of a malfunction, the fact that your battery charges slower, will protect it. This is even the smartphones manual.

It is recommended that you charge your battery up to 80 or 90 percent, and not let it go down by more than 20 or 15 percent. If you are already in the limits of this percentage, avoid forcing it more with very heavy applications or that require a lot of RAM.