Learn how to delete your location data on Android or iOS phones

Google has started the launch of its new Self-expungement tool for Location History for iOS and Android devices.

By means of a 'tweet' published by Google in your official account, all users with Android and iOS devices can already Schedule the self-disposal of your Location History data that the company announced in early May. The tool is now available to remove Web History and Applications.

This data is stored so that the company's products "are more useful", as Google explains in the statement, and with them, for example, suggests recommendations for restaurants or places of interest based on the sites where the user has been. However, the user can manage them.

To access the self-elimination option, you will have to access the 'My Activity' section, within the Google account. There, you will have to select the new option of 'Choose to delete automatically'within the Location History, and indicate if it is preferred that Google store the data for a period of three or 18 months, automatically deleting the oldest. You can also choose to continue deleting the history manually.

In the following GIF you can see how to activate this new option:

How to delete the record on an iPhone

In the case of Apple phones, there is a function that keeps a detailed record of the places you've visited, and of the times you've been there.

"Important places" is the option that is already activated at startup and that can be found in the configuration of the phone.

Apple records and saves each site you visited and the frequency. In addition, he does it in a very specific way: he knows every direction, when you left the place, the time it took to arrive and how you arrived (transport).

Of course, the company says that, in this way, the phone learns which are the important places for the user. Something similar to what it says Google does.

According to Apple's site, this information is encrypted on the device and is not shared with anyone else, only with the user's permission.

Either way, if you want to maintain your privacy, we tell you how to disable this feature.

1. Go to settings and select Privacy

2. Select Location

3. Under Location, look for System Services

4. At the end of the list, find Important Places and enter.

5. There you will find a list of locations. From the menu, select Clear History and then deselect the Important Places option