Learn how to create your own animoji in 3D with this app

With face of person, animal or thing, the Animoji are 3D avatars that imitate our gestures if we are in front of an iPhone X, an iPad Pro or later models. With the Animoji we can create animated avatars that express emotions in a much more fun than a simple emoji.

The only drawback of the Animoji is that they are limited to certain Apple devices. But as always, in the face of a need, solutions like Chudo, a messaging app for iPhone and Android that stands out especially for its ability to design and create 3D avatars that laugh, get angry or cry at the same time as us in the Animoji style.

Chudo allows us to record videos with our avatars saying the same as us, photograph ourselves with Animoji face and use us as stickers with any messaging app, such as WhatsApp, Messages and others.

Animal, human or avocado

First, Chudo offers an assortment of animated characters from which we can choose people, animals, avocados, unicorns … Variety is the taste. In addition, each character is easily downloaded and then shown with an attitude identical to ours when we see with the back or front camera of the phone.

There are different ways to use Chudo's animated avatars. First of all, we can photograph ourselves or record a video where our face will be replaced by the chosen avatar. As we change the character, we will see it on the screen. Open your eyes wide, stick out your tongue and you'll see that Chudo makes the same gestures.

Where Chimo's Animoji stand out most is in his own messaging app, where our personalized avatar is integrated into the keyboard displaying varied stickers. And although it is not integrated in Messages or WhatsApp, we can send videos and photos to any chat or conversation of these applications from Chudo recording them at the moment.

On the other hand, the most recent version allows us to become an avatar as close as possible to us. Simply place yourself within the frame of reference and Chudo will convert face trait to create a digital avatar.

To start using Chudo on iPhone or Android we just have to give our phone number, just like the first time you open WhatsApp. Otherwise, the avatars and characters can be freely downloaded. From there, we can talk via Chudo Messenger with contacts that also have Chudo or send videos and photos to anyone, whether they have it or not.