Kodi 18 comes loaded of new features: do you Want to see them?

a long time Ago I talked about Kodi in our web, and we recommend you to download it to your Android devices. Since then there have been quite a few changes in Kodi. The latest version currently available in Google Play is the 17.1. Krypton. We know from a while ago that they are working on the new version, although it is gone revealing very few data about the same until the time. Kodi has been acting quite secretive.

What we do know is the name of the new version. It is Kodi 18 Leia. They have wanted to make an exception and give you the name of the princess, whose actress died last December. A form of to pay homage to Carrie Fisher and her legendary character. Little by little we can learn more about the new version. do you Want to know the news?

What’s new in Kodi 18 Leia?

The news have been revealing with an eyedropper. Luckily for users, there is already the possibility of download some of the Nightly Builds initial of the new version. In principle, the changes observed or confirmed so far are minimal. You are correcting small mistakes and search for improvements in the operation (what is typical), although they are revealing few data to date. Luckily, there have been new additions to Android that are interesting.

One of the main novelties for Android TV that we’re sure will appeal to many users is the voice search. Users will be able to search content by speaking to the device. Related to this, there is the option of speak and write on the screen all that we say, although it is not known exactly when it will arrive. It has also been presented with the option of the recommendations/suggestions. Every time Kodi detects something that is of your interest, a suggestion will appear at the top of the screen.

Kodi 18 Leia is still in development phase. We don’t know anything about your date launch, although we expect some confirmation soon. These new developments are the only ones known up to now, so that as soon as you have more data to share it with you. But so far it seems that it promises a lot. What seem to you to the novelties of Kodi 18 Leia? You are going to use it when it is available?

Source | Android Central