Keyboard 69, a keyboard for Android very rare but that you’ll love

Samsung Galaxy S7 funda teclado

No, this keyboard does not contain sexual content or anything like that. Really I don’t know why it is called so, I don’t know that I would be thinking of the developer. it Is a keyboard very useful that just came to the Android straight from iOS. It is as if it were a keyboard swype but much more advanced. And is that we can be pressing several keys at the same time to be able to write much faster.

This is very simple to write “believe” – th, for example, we do swipe on the keys “bliv” while you press “e” key; this way the keyboard will be understood that we are writing “believe” what Is cool right? we can Also make two swipes at the same time: for example, we may be starting a swipe from “a” to “b” as we begin another swipe from “c” to “d”; this will write “acbd”.

while it is true that the keyboard is the worst that there is, as you can see is very useful. What is certain is that when we install it, it seems as if we returned to Android 2.3 Gingerbread in a second. Another negative point is that it is still not English, and when I say you should still say it is not in Spanish, so it may never be added to the English dictionary, because he has not manifested the developer about it.

Keyboard 69

The application you can find in the Play Store, but is unreleased. That is to say, is high up in the Play Store but is still in development -is a new mode that allows you to the Play Store from a while ago: go to applications, without being finished off-. In principle, it is free, but it is expected that when you have a final version to be payment, for the first thing that comes up when you open the keyboard is a message giving us the thank you for purchasing the application.

We’ve tested and we’ve been very happy. While it is true that it costs a little to understand the concept, after the tutorial, we will be all experts using the keyboard. The downside as you say is the language, which is only in English. I personally I’ve uninstalled for that reason.

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