Jibe, SMS is Google going to dethrone WhatsApp


Since no one is using the SMS, in fact sometimes they even surprise me when I receive any of these. The arrival of the mobile applications such as WhatsApp has done that the SMS they would no longer make sense. Now, despite being an obsolete technology (is used or not is already a technology that is very old), still holding the hitch to applications with much more use as WhatsApp or Telegram.

The operators have been forced to modify their tariffs and data plans thanks to these new applications and now offer free SMS in almost all of their rates are now hardly used. Google, and GSMA know this, and are joining forces to present the future of SMS, a standard based on the technology RCS called Jibe.

Jibe RCS

Jibe, the standard RCS that would replace WhatsApp

Jibe present to provide the operating facilities and tools to provide the instant message chat group, high-resolution images, emojis, locations, etc Everything you need a current user but with a universal system, and not with an application.

The biggest benefit of Jibe is that there is no longer such a leap of barrier to have a compatible mobile, Jibe would be compatible with any mobile phone as if the user sent through Jibe a message to a user who does not have WhatsApp this receive it just like a normal SMS and their corresponding text. The message with a Jibe always comes and with WhatsApp we can not write to someone who doesn’t have WhatsApp.

Before I talk more I would like to say that the operators have launched alternatives to compete with WhatsApp and have failed, it is very difficult to unseat a company with a market share so large, is such as to convince users that don’t use Facebook, but another network is better.

What you want to Google is to compete directly with WhatsApp and help the operators to get it but it is very complicated. The operators should decide whether to charge or not for each message that is sent by this method or if you adapt some sort of fee for that Jibe is cost-effective and can fight with WhatsApp. Since then it seems to be a bit complicated to compete with a free app. Jibe uses the standard RCS to compete, but the opponent is one that has never lost.

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