Instagram, learn to ignore an account while following it

Social networks are a trend today, these are used by millions of people every day. Now, as you know, there are certain tricks that you can apply to get them to take full advantage. On Instagram it is possible, fortunately, to ignore an account but it is not necessary to stop following it. So it is a win – win that you can easily make.

Now, for multiple situations you may want to silence an Instagram contact completely. This person may publish too many dumb things. Or that you simply want to support a store by following it but you are not interested in seeing what it offers. Then, you have nothing to worry about because the user will not know that you have silenced them, everything will be done in secret.

Instagram tutorial time

1.- The first thing you have to do is open the Instagram app on your mobile. Now, go to the homepage of IG users. Click on the button of the 3 points in the upper right corner of the window. Just follow the instructions that we will show you in the screenshot.

2.- This step is very easy, you just have to choose «Silence», that's all.

3.- Finally, it is only a matter of choosing the following options: «Silence Post», «Ignore stories» or else you can choose «Silence Post and Stories». Everything will really depend on what you need.

You are completely done with the entire tutorial, it only took a couple of minutes. Now you won't see any of the posts and you can visit the home page or the main Instagram account page normally. You have finally been able to free yourself from those photos and information that you are no longer interested in at all. So you can keep your account free of any information you don't like.