Instagram: get more “likes” in this 2019

Double tap, hearts, favorites, whatever you want to call it. The "likes" are the main form of currency in Instagram and have been the driving force for users who have published a great content for a long time.

This guide will talk you through a number of ways to get what you like on Instagram and trigger your profile engagement!

Unfortunately, it is no longer a simple case of putting great content and getting the commitment you deserve. With the switch to an LED power algorithm, the likes on Instagram have been modified.

We have compiled the definitive guide to get "likes" on Instagram in this 2019, which contains all the tips, tricks and ideas you need to know to increase commitment in your publications.

Content is the most important

It may sound obvious, but high-quality content is the most important basis for getting "likes" on Instagram.

You can tell when a brand or an influencer have put time and resources into the production of epic content, and they get more likes on Instagram as a result.

Of course, what makes content "good" is a very abstract question, and there is not a single answer for everyone. However, we have some guidelines for you to follow them:

Stick to a coherent theme

Color schemes and the aesthetics of the feed are popular on Instagram because they make your profile cohesive and impressive, and your messages become memorable for your audience.

Have a memorable style

Continuing with this, having a unique type of content will increase the likes on Instagram as your messages stand out from the crowd. Example: we love the way the influential Camilla Ackley puts stickers on all her photos.

High quality camera

As good as the iPhone cameras are today, there is nothing better than a high quality camera! Professional-looking content stands out and you're more likely to like it. If you use stock images, use high quality images from sites like Unsplash and Pixpa.

How to produce epic Instagram content for your business

Now that we have laid the foundations to create incredible content, let's think about the magic dust of hash known as hashtags that will boost your commitment and help you get what you like on Instagram.

Use the correct Hashtags

Hashtags help you reach more people in your target audience and, ultimately, get more likes on Instagram.

Not so long ago, you could throw your photo feet with dozens of generic hashtags #picoftheday and roll up tons of likes, but Instagram is taking drastic measures against spam and the algorithm is more developed than ever, which means those strategies are already they do not work.

Instead, when creating your Instagram marketing strategy, you need to invest some time in hashtag research so you are using the best ones to get likes.

Here are our best tips to find the correct hashtags:

Related Hashtags

Explore Instagram hashtag 'related' suggestions. If you search for #shampoo in the Instagram application, it will show you similar hashtags based on what other related accounts are using and searching for.

This is when the Instagram algorithm is very useful, since you can make sure that you are choosing the correct niche hashtags to reach your audience and get their likes.

Investigation of the audience and the competition

We also recommend that you manually search for what hashtags your target audience is using. These are the people you are trying to reach, and therefore you want to be using them to increase the likes on Instagram.

Similarly, monitor what hashtags your competitors are using, since their audiences are the same.

Third-party tools

There are specific tools to help you find new relevant hashtags, such as Hashtagify and RiteTag. These tools are great for checking the strength of a hashtag and other hashtags that are similar. In Hopper HQ we have a hashtag scan tool that helps you compare hashtags and see how many posts each contains.

Be careful: Prohibition of shadows

Instagram is hotter than ever in terms of spam and robot behavior. The use of spam hashtags in the captions can cause your account to be "blocked" and hidden from hashtag searches, which has a crippling effect on the commitment.

It is not clear how Instagram decides which hashtags are classified as "spam", but there are online tools to check if your message has been blocked by entering the URL of the message.

Ultimately, you should be careful with the hashtags you use, avoid using the same 30 in each message and make sure they are very relevant to your content.

Use photo tags

Did you know that the tagging of relevant accounts in your position has the potential to boost commitment?

Although tags do not work in the same way as hashtags, they have a similar purpose: increase reach. Top advice directly from Hopper HQ to get what you like on Instagram is to tag your content with relevant accounts such as products or brands that appear in the post, people influential in the space, or people that you think would really enjoy or be interested in the post

This will have a profound effect on how the Instagram algorithm sees the relevance of the content. Labeling the message will increase the likelihood that it will appear on the Explore page of the followers of those tagged accounts, which will increase its overall reach, impressions and engagement potential.

As with hashtags, there is a risk of becoming spam if the same accounts are continuously tagged in the messages without a relevant reason.

To avoid this, try to tag the user and then mention it in a comment also to start a conversation. This will justify your reason for labeling them, as well as showing that you are making an effort to genuinely get involved (instead of pulling a quick hack to get what you like on Instagram).