Instagram adds ads to the scan feed

Instagram users should be careful, as the social network will add ads to their Explore feed over the next few months. The Explore feed is where you discover new people and posts, so soon you will also discover new brands and products. Whether you want this or not. Similarly, this change will be implemented.

The social network originally added ads in 2013 and since then, it has added more ads to more areas of the application. So much so that you probably don't notice them anymore. The Explore feed has always been ad free, but now this will change very soon. So you could start getting used to reading the news of this change.

Instagram presents ads in the Explore feed

In a post on the Instagram business blog, it is explained that: «in the coming months, ads will be presented in the Explore feed». This is because «more than 50% of Instagram accounts use the Explore each month section» and «80% of people follow a business or brand».

However, the good news is that the ads won't bombard you as soon as you open the Explore feed. Instead, you'll start watching ads after touching a photo or video. This should keep the Scan section free of annoying ads, at least for now.

Similarly, the developers explain that, “They will be introducing ads in Explore slowly and carefully in the coming months. So after touching a photo or video there, people can start seeing ads as part of their browsing experience just like in the main feed ».

As if I was predicting that this new movement will annoy some people, the tag "What can I do if I see an ad I don't like?" Has been linked to the Instagram Help Center page. Basically, this implies hiding ads, reporting ads or adjust your ad preferences.

Advertising equals more money for Zuckerberg

Surely this new change will be annoying for most users, but it makes sense for Instagram. Advertising equals money, and the Explore feed is a good place to show ads. Instagram knows that it has become such an essential application for people that a few additional ads are not going to discourage anyone.

Although Instagram has more than one billion users, more people discover it all the time. So, if you are new to the application, you will not resent the new change in the feed in question. Therefore, we only have to wait to see how these ads will disturb free navigation in this section of the platform.

But everything is not bad, because if you are going to sponsor a brand or a company, the fact that they are seen in the Explore feed could increase the number of your potential target customers. So it depends on how you see it, this new change could be annoying or beneficial.