Instagram adds a new chat sticker to stories

Instagram has released a new Stories sticker, and this allows you invite people directly to a group chat. Why would you want to add complete strangers to the DM if we just eluded them. But we are not influencers who will do anything to gain new followers.

Instagram regularly adds new stickers to stories. In June of last year, the social network added a sticker that allows you to add music to stories. And in July of that same year, he also added another that allows you to ask your followers questions. And now we have the new Chat sticker.

How to use the new Instagram chat sticker

The new sticker does exactly what you would expect it to do. That is to invite people to chat with you. This new sticker appears on the menu as «Chat» but is shown in Stories as «Join the chat». Like all stickers, it can be pasted anywhere in a story.

Anyone who sees said chat sticker can click on it. If you do, you will request to join a private group chat with the user or instagrammer who posted it. Then, they will have the option of accepting the request or requests, inviting all those chosen to a group chat.

Group chat takes place in the inbox of Direct Messages. The Instagrammer who posted the Chat tag in his Story can end the chat at any time. Essentially, this Instagram user remains in charge at all times, hopefully preventing the chat from getting out of control.

We assume that influencers could use the Chat sticker to invite followers to send DM messages. But the numbers would make it difficult to manage a group chat. Therefore, it seems that people who still use Instagram to share content with real friends are more likely to use it.

That is why, more than another sticker for influencers to presume, users with true Instagram friends could have more contact and group conversations. This with the objective of bringing people closer according to their interests.

Facebook is forcing this network to evolve

Given the size and scale of Instagram, this is not exactly a feature that changes the game. However, it underlines Facebook's desire to turn this network into something more than the application that people use to show off. It will be interesting to see how many people actually use the Chat sticker.

The thing is that you are an Instagram influencer or just a casual user, Stories are a great way to share content with your followers. So there are some ways to make your stories more attractive. And also, there are many visual tricks to make your stories stand out from each other.

Dare to try the new things Instagram has for everyone. In favor of not being another social network, it is giving priority to quality rather than quantity. Thanks to its powerful algorithm, you can have more interesting and enriching content, and you can read it from other people and your favorite artists.