I close WhatsApp Web, and the notification stays on the phone: How do I get rid of?

When we use WhatsApp Web on the screen of our mobile where you get a new notification. This is the notification of use WhatsApp Web and makes a lot of sense, delete the notification, it is possible but doing so means lessening our security.

notification of WhatsApp serves so that if someone steals from us the access to WhatsApp, we know that you are online and in this way we can avoid and close the tabs of WhatsApp Web open in other latitudes. The problem comes when we close WhatsApp Web, and the notification is still active.

Eliminar notificacion WhatsApp Web

How to remove the notification for WhatsApp Web when we’re not using?

to Delete the notification it’s simple but you should know that you should delete one, the notification of WhatsApp Web only it is active because some versions of Android have errors and take time to delete the notification.

Here we explain how to remove the notification of WhatsApp Web for in full, so that I will not go more, but today we are going to teach a small trick to remove it at the time and see if it is finally someone is using WhatsApp Web, and not we are hearing or if, on the contrary simply has not been closed.

When the notification is not removed, we only have that:

  • Disable WiFi and data and then re-activate.

we Can enable or disable what you have enabled to connect to the network and when doing so the notification disappears the moment if everything is correct. This helps us to see that it is simply an error of WhatsApp and that no one is using our WhatsApp on your PC or on the Internet.

Simply deactivate the connection with which we are connecting to the Internet a time is enough for the notification of WhatsApp Web disappears and do not re-appear until we log back into the service.

and as you can see, the notification will disappear the moment if everything is correct and it will not appear again as if by magic, appears only if we open WhatsApp. In many versions of Android it takes time to disappear and in other does not go away if you don’t apply this little trick is why you need to know, many times it is annoying to have a notification if nothing happens.