How to zoom when recording videos in WhatsApp

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zoom when recording videos in WhatsApp, it is already possible and in this article we will tell you how you can do it. This new functionality is already available and probably will not have noticed, but you can make zoom while recording a video on the popular messaging service. WhatsApp Beta 2.16.228 is the version that allows us to enjoy this functionality.

The guys Movilzona teach us to zoom to record videos in WhatsApp in the following video. Don’t miss out, because in addition lasts a very little and it will be very useful:

zoom to record videos in WhatsApp

This is possible with WhatsApp beta 2.16.228. We are faced with a supposed update with minor changes, but that integrates this interesting novelty. We will be able to do zoom during the recording of the video on WhatsApp. But this does not end here, because the code has changed a lot, which means that soon we will have interesting new features in WhatsApp.

As we talk about the news of WhatsApp in August, and of everything new that is coming. But before this moment arrives, it is important that you take a look at the above video to learn how to zoom in on the videos. Simply by moving the fingers in the normal sense of zoom in and out, as we have always done.

The best thing is that you look at the video for you to realize, because explaining it with words is complicated.

Download WhatsApp Beta 2.16.228

If you want to enjoy this functionality, simply update WhatsApp. We recommend that you join the program betas of WhatsApp. It is completely safe, since to date we have not met with any version of “bad”. And so you’ll be able to have the features before anyone else.

Join the program betas of WhatsApp in Play Store or download the APK from the link below. You can start to zoom in on your videos.

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Download | WhatsApp Beta 2.16.228

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