How to write WhatsApp to someone who is not in my contacts?

You may have the doubt: Can I send a WhatsApp message to someone that I do not have registered in my calendar?

If possible. Although it is not entirely practical, there is a way. So take note and write down, we'll explain it to you next.

To talk on WhatsApp with a contact who called you or sent an SMS but you have not registered in your phonebook, you need to use the web application. That is to say: WhatsApp from a PC.

To use it you need to configure it and then authenticate with your smartphone.

Once done, enter the web address:**********

The asterisk (*) symbols of the web address are the telephone number with which we want to communicate. Remember that you must place the country code before writing the phone number.

By completing this process, The website will ask if you want to speak with that number or start a chat. Give in accept and ready.