How to win mountains of gold in Clash Royale

Supercell and its successful Clash Royale game are offering many challenges. And is that it has not finished the previous, when we have available the following; Without a doubt, it is a great way to give back to the game more activity that allows us to change the routine that sometimes involves playing only ladder.

A new challenge arrives at Clash Royale

Under the name “Do you want gold?”, the new challenge that comes to Clash Royale consists of 12 battles, with a first free entry and with the possibility of restoring our losses, in the case of falling eliminated, in exchange for some amount of gems. It is of choice, starts tomorrow, and after each victory we will obtain different amounts of gold coins.

We can win the interesting figure of 58,500 gold coins
To reach the end, we will have done with nothing less than 58,500 coins, which are not bad in what maxear a bit our accounts are concerned. However, and due to the mode of play chosen for this occasion, luck plays a fundamental role: we will have to pay special attention when choosing which four cards we are and what four we give to our rival.

Megamazo’s challenge is still available to be played

This mode of play is characterized by using 18-card decks. So the cycle to which we are accustomed changes completely and we must carefully choose the letters we introduce, because once we use each of them will not appear in the hand until quite some time later.

The challenge of the Megamazo is twofold. On the one hand we have the informal, which consists of three only battles where no matter how many we lose; It helps us to get acquainted with the game mode for the next, the real one, which has a lot more interesting prizes. This one is made up of nine battles, with a first free admission but with the possibility of restoring the defeats in the case of falling eliminated, of course, in exchange for some gems.

As for the awards, we will be getting after each victory, and are formed by some small chests, 9,000 gold coins and an exchange card of each type except for common quality. All this added to the reward to end, which adds 1,600 coins and 75 letters of which at least 7 are special.