How to watch YouTube videos in floating windows with your Xiaomi

One of the more interesting aspects of the new version of Google’s operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat, is the possibility it offers to view two applications split screen on our terminal, making we can take advantage of to a greater extent devices with the big screen.

One of the uses that quintessential give the users to this type of additives with which Samsung had for at least four years— is the display content on YouTube while checking their social networks or other applications. Something that at the moment, is restricted to the users of the terminals –usually stops of range or Nexus– we have updated to that version of the operating system.

Mejores móviles chinos regalar navidadhowever, if you have a terminal Xiaomi you can have access to a replacement pretty interesting this new implementation of Android Nougat, as you can see YouTube videos or any other platform like Vimeo in a floating window that you can move your every whim for any part of the screen of your terminal while you perform any other task.

how do I view videos in a floating window?

Xiaomi has not given too much hype to this option that offers its users natively, and that is –personally– one of the best features that the company offers chinese to its users, and something quite defendant on a general level for users of Android terminals and we can find hundreds of video tutorials of uncertain result with respect to the option native of Xiaomi.

If you want to enjoy this option that offers us Xiaomi, thanks to its layer of customization MIUI, in the first place you should check if you have in your terminal the internet browser native to MIUI, this is quite characteristic, because as you can see in the picture has a different look to the other options better known as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

If you have a ROM changed by the store where you purchased the terminal, it is quite possible that they have replaced this browser for classic of Android, in which case you need to install a different ROM if you want to enjoy this feature.

miui-ventana-flotante-1once you’ve secured the application, you don’t have more to go, for example, YouTube and watch a video. Now you will see a sign that says “floating window”, in which you must press. After this you will see the floating window and you’ll be able to see any video while you browse through your apps.

The window that will open with the video is adjustable, and you can increase or reduce its size, as well as move it by any part of the screen so that you do not take up too much space and you can handle your smartphone. Also, you can also click on the button in the top right corner to put the video to full screen.

miui-ventana-flotante-2With this simple method you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best features that gives Android, as is the true multitasking, without even need the latest version of the operating system, because, without going any further, has worked in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with Android 5.0.2.