How to watch MKV videos on your Chromebook without problems

If you have a Chromebook and cannot see .MKV files, don't worry, this guide will help you solve this problem, you just have to follow it step by step. And you will have no problem with being able to watch your favorite videos under this format.

You are probably here because you discovered that while the default video player for your Chromebook opens .mkv files, it does not always play them correctly, since sometimes the audio fails, the sound fails or both fail. Well, don't despair! We already have everything you need to fix it.

Open MKV videos on your Chromebook

First, go to the VLC homepage for Android in the Google Play Store, or search for “vlc” in the store. Just be sure to select the correct search result: VLC for Android from Videolabs.

Now, press the Install button.

Wait patiently while the app is downloading and installing.

When the download and installation are complete, click on the Open button.

You will have to go through a brief "configuration", just for this time. Click or touch the «next» arrow to go to the next screen.

Select the Allow section when you are asked to grant VLC permission to access your files.

Again, select the "next" arrow.

This part is already done! Now play one of his videos. Select the Directories option to navigate to your .mkv files.

Choose the folder that contains your .mkv files.

Now, select one of your videos.

Click or press the Understand button, discard the button on your video.

And it's all over. Now you can watch .mkv videos on your Chromebook.

You can now watch your favorite videos

Although VLC reproduces these types of formats, the reality is that it can fail a lot in this. If you still have problems playing the videos in MKV format, try uninstalling the program and reinstalling it. Follow the steps given above, and the problem should be solved once and for all.