How to view videos on WhatsApp without downloading them

Good news that you are coming to the messaging service leader, because today with the latest beta we have discovered that it is possible to watch videos of WhatsApp without download. This is already available in WhatsApp beta 2.16.363 and allow you to try it yourself if you want. Now you can see before the videos, without having to wait for the full download. This is ideal for users of slow connections.

new version WhatsApp beta 2.16.363 is now available for all users who are in the program of betas and that they are connected to a Wifi network (to which the app will update automatically). In this new update we highlight this functionality to watch videos without downloading them, because now skip the playback by pressing the play. In the same way that other streaming services.


Watch videos of WhatsApp without download is possible with WhatsApp beta 2.16.363

After upgrading to this beta, as you see a new video, will appear a play button big the top of the thumbnail. And at his side, a mark of “download” a smaller (bottom left), which also indicates the weight of the video. So you can choose if you want to see it already or wait and download it. It is a wonder, because until now we could not view the videos ahead of time. Now, regardless of your connection, you’ll be able to see it before, in terms of what you receive.

Eye, because it is important to highlight that the videos are downloaded as. What happens, is that now you can see them ahead of time. You don’t have to wait for it to finish downloading the video to watch it. The content will be downloaded at the end of it all, whether you’re playing in streaming as if download directly. But if you have a slow connection or the video is very large, you’ll be able to see the video before.

Download WhatsApp beta 2.16.363

To enjoy it, you’ll simply have to update WhatsApp beta from the Play Store. Here’s how to join the program betas of WhatsApp. Once inside, you will only have to become a beta tester, and whenever there is a new update the you’ll be enjoying it before anyone else. It is safe to.

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Will we also WhatsApp 2.16.363 APK APK Mirror.

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