How to use the temperature sensor and humidity of Xiaomi

If you’ve purchased the temperature and humidity sensor from Xiaomi, which you can get for 8 euros on pages such as GearBest, it is possible that you get home and don’t know how to configure it. We have one and we’re going to talk to you about what you need.

With the temperature and humidity sensor from Xiaomi you’ll be able to measure these parameters, in addition, fits very well in the wall. And for this price it is superb to buy both for own use and to give away. I have it and besides, I’ve given you one thing or another, because for very little money who you want to be able to have a magnificent gadget for your homes and that you can use all of the family.


How to use the temperature sensor and humidity of Xiaomi?

  • Download the app for My Home (we leave at the end of the post links to the Play Store or by APK, because it could be that your smartphone is not compatible with the version).
  • After downloading and installing the app, you will have to create an account Xiaomi (easy and fast, a few minutes after checking email).
  • Now add your device (find it by bluetooth or manually). In the manual way, if you see that the scan does not find your device, you will see a list to configure it from there. You will find out the steps on the screen.

– And now you’ll be able to use it! You will notice that the device has a button to turn it on. You do not have loss. The important thing to know is that you need to download the app for My Home of Xiaomi. Note well that it is from Xiaomi, because there are other apps from other developers that have the same name.

Download My Home of Xiaomi

You leave the links to download My Home for Android:

You’ll be able to download it from wherever you want. If you want to do it in MIUI, with total security and in Spanish, you will have to create an account. Quick and easy. You enter user, password, email and ready.

WP-Appbox: MiHome (Free, Google Play) ?

Download | My Home [APK]