How to use the self-destruction of messages in WhatsApp

There are instant messaging applications that allow us to to send messages that self-destruct, in some occasions you can even send photos and videos that vanish once seen as is the case of Snapchat.

WhatsApp doesn’t allow sending messages that self-destruct but thanks to a third-party application we can send messages with a self destruct activated through WhatsApp. The operation of the app is simple, makes an intermediary between WhatsApp and the user to deliver the message to the recipient so that we will make a recommendation, don’t send anything too committed to through this application as to not be encrypted by the servers of WhatsApp we can not know what can happen with this information, all the forms is also not advisable to send important data through WhatsApp such as account numbers or data that could compromise both your economy and your privacy.

Kaboom WhatsApp

How to use the self-destruction of messages on WhatsApp with Kaboom?

Kaboom is an application for Android and iOS that you can download from Google Play totally free and this app does an intermediary. What it does is that, instead of sending a message to WhatsApp, sends a URL that is where the recipient will see the message.

Obviously, the URL is fixed but however, when you enter it, you will apply the condition that you have placed. You can choose to just are able to see it once (because this url you can have it either), two times, for 1 second, during 1 minute, for 1 day or all of the options that you want.

Kaboom allows you to send text, images, selfies or what you want, and obviously you can use with WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc, and people do not need Kaboom to view the message which is perfect because it ensures that the recipient can see the information sent through a mobile phone or a PC, you only need an Internet connection and a browser.

WP-Appbox: Kaboom – Self-destructing Post (Free, Google Play) ?

yes, the link leaves the user take a screenshot (which is something not all I will say) so you must take it into account. Many users are not smart to do this but many of them do know about it and will be the first thing to try. do You like this method to send messages that self-destruct by WhatsApp? All indications are that the service could incorporate this feature natively in the medium term.