How to use Google Chrome to generate strong passwords

Google Chrome offers to save passwords for all your online accounts. Then store them and sync with your Google account as part of the Smart Lock feature. Chrome also has a built-in password generator that automatically creates strong passwords at the click of a button.

We will guide you step by step so you can generate strong passwords through the browser. As well as, you can change passwords and rebuild them with this very useful Google Chrome tool.

How to generate strong passwords

First, make sure that password saving is enabled (it must be enabled by default). To verify, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. And then, click on "Passwords." You can also write:

chrome: // settings / passwords in the Omnibox and press Enter.

Move the switch labeled: "Offer to save passwords" to the on position; If it is not yet.

Next, you must go to a website where you want to create an account. When you click on the password field, a pop-up window will suggest a strong one. Click on "Use suggested password".

If the message does not appear, right-click on the password field and then click on «Suggest password». This will cause the pop-up window to appear below the field with a new password suggestion.

It is done! Now the registration process ends. After completing it, Google saves and stores the password, so you don't have to remember anything.

How to change an existing password

If you didn't know this feature when you created an account, you could still use it to change the password of an existing account and make it more secure.

Log in to the account with the password you want to change and go to the section where you can change and reset your password. After clicking on the "New password" field, a message with a strong password suggestion should appear. Now, click on "Use suggested password".

If you don't see the message, right-click on the password field and then click on «Suggest password».
Click "Use suggested password" when the message appears this time.

Now, click on "Save Changes" to change the password.

You must keep in mind an important note

A warning about using this feature to change the password of an existing account; is that it may not automatically update in Chrome. In which case, you must do it manually.

However, this is not difficult. After saving the new password, before leaving the website, click on the key icon in the Omnibox, enter the username for that site and then click on “Update password”.

Understandably, not everyone is delighted with the idea that Google handles passwords. But there are many free and practical alternatives for those who don't want to pay for a password manager or download additional software. So you can solve this problem without headaches.